Our talented training team, use their experience and education to produce a dynamic training program that is fun for dogs and the whole family. Our talented training team, under the leadership and guidance of Training Director Colton Johnson, infuse every class and lesson with their passion for dogs and enthusiasm for training.


Thorough understanding of canine behavior, dog psychology and associated principles allow Colton and our other training instructors to identify the proper method in order to effectively train any and all dogs. This approach ensures the desired training results and satisfaction of every customer. 


Training can be tailored to deal with the behavior issues of any dog. Our trainers specialize in behavior modification, aggression issues, and socialization.  We offer a wide range of training options for you and your dog. All classes are held at the kennel in our indoor/outdoor training center. In order to participate in any training class, dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine). Records from your veterinarian will be required for verification. 


This is a meet and great for your dog, you and me at the Training Center. I show what my techniques and philosophies are and how these are utilized in our Program.  We in addition take time to discuss what program and level may be best for your dog. 



This service is an organized and supervised puppy play time done at our doggie daycare. Puppies will play and be socialized with dogs their size. We will work with behaviors like barking, jumping and biting. 



BASIC - $250 (8 weeks)

This is a basic obedience course that will get you starting off the right direction with your new pet. Whether it be a new puppy, new dog to the family or your dog just needs basic training. We cover commands like heel (walking on a loose leash ) sit, down, stay, come, off, quiet, settle and leave it. We work with behaviors such as digging, chewing, biting, barking, jumping, separation anxiety, mild forms of aggression as well as any other things you want to address while in the class. 

INTERMEDIATE - $300 (6 weeks)

This class is for dogs that have had some basic training . We start out dogs with a review of basics and quickly move to distance work . Teaching our dogs to do all of our commands while being 20ft away from us. We also expand our commands to stand (this is for examinations) recall finish , with me and wait. 


ADVANCED - $220 (6 weeks)

This  is all off leash work as well as an introduction to agility. 



This is a 1 hr session at the Kennel. It is customized for however you want to do training according to your goals . 


IN HOME LESSONS - $100 (additional fees if outside Colorado Springs city limits) 

We come to your home and customize the training according to your goals . Sessions are 1 hr each. 


DAY TRAIN - $50 per day

Doggie daycare with training, price includes daycare fees and dogs must be social with other dogs.

You drop your dog off at doggie daycare and we train them while they are here. At the end of each week we work with you on proper communication between you and your dog.


IN BOARD TRAINING - $300 first week / $200 for each additional week PLUS boarding fees 

Your dog boards at the kennel. They are worked with several times a day including obedience, socializing and behavior modification. For every week you do you get 2 follow ups. These follow ups are to transfer the training over to you and to make sure everything is going good at home. 


Potty Training       FREE Phone Consultation

Consultations                 ____  _______$25

Puppy Socialization __          _ ____$25/day

Private Lessons __                  _ ____$75/hr

In Home Lesson __               _ ____$100/hr

Day Train __                        _ ____$50/day

IN BOARD TRAINING (fee +boarding)

$300 - 1st Week 

$200 ea. additional week

Boarding Fees 

Small Dogs - $20/day

Medium Dogs - $22/day

Large Dogs - $24/day

Extra Large Dogs - $26/day


Basic - 8 Weeks __                            _$250

Intermediate - 6 Weeks __                _$300

Advanced - 6 Weeks                          _$220

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