Our talented training team, use their experience and education to produce a dynamic training program that is fun for dogs and the whole family. Our talented training team, under the leadership and guidance of Training Director Colton Johnson, infuse every class and lesson with their passion for dogs and enthusiasm for training.

Thorough understanding of canine behavior, dog psychology and associated principles allow Colton and our other training instructors to identify the proper method in order to effectively train any and all dogs. This approach ensures the desired training results and satisfaction of every customer. 

Training can be tailored to deal with the behavior issues of any dog. Our trainers specialize in behavior modification, aggression issues, and socialization.  We offer a wide range of training options for you and your dog. All classes are held at the kennel in our indoor/outdoor training center. In order to participate in any training class, dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine). Records from your veterinarian will be required for verification. 

Sherry Boudreau, Trainer -  I adopted my Rottweiler, Odin, in August of 2013, little did I know he would lead me down this path of dog training.   I always loved training my family pets when I was a kid and have owned many different dogs over the years, which I have always trained to be well behaved.   Odin was the first dog I adopted that had a previous owner. After having Odin for a year he started being very aggressive towards other dogs and humans. I couldn’t take him for walks without him lunging and viciously growling to attack both people and other dogs. It was so severe that I was at a loss. I couldn’t put him down without giving him my all to help him become a better dog. That’s when I started a training program with a trainer where I lived. I fell in love with the process and the positive behavior changes I saw in Odin. I looked forward to working with Odin every day. I put in the time and gained the education I needed to turn my dog around into a calm confident and well-behaved dog that I can take anywhere! Odin now comes to work with me at Sunrise Kennels and helps other dogs become great canine companions. 


I have experience working with many different dogs, from puppies to family pets with minor behavior issues to problematic fearful, anxious, reactive and aggressive dogs.  Dog training is a passion of mine and I absolutely love watching a dog and its owners’ relationship evolve into a place of confidence, trust, and respect. The bond between a dog and its owner is like no other when developed through obedience and fun activities.  I am constantly looking to gain more education and experience by taking seminars, working with dogs one-on-one, doing private lessons, and teaching classes of all levels.  


Potty Training       FREE Phone Consultation

Consultations                 ____  ______Free 

Puppy Socialization __          _ ____$25/day

Private Lessons __                  _ ____$75/hr

In-Home Lesson __               _ ____$100/hr

Day Train __                        _ ____$50/day


Small Dogs - $20/day

Medium Dogs - $22/day

Large Dogs - $24/day

Extra Large Dogs - $26/day


Basic - 8 Weeks __                            _$300

Advanced - 6 Weeks                          _$220


This is a meet and great for your dog, you and me at the Training Center. I show what my techniques and philosophies are and how these are utilized in our Program.  We, in addition, take time to discuss what program and level may be best for your dog. 



This service is an organized and supervised puppy playtime done at our doggie daycare. Puppies will play and be socialized with dogs their size. We will work with behaviors like barking, jumping and biting. 



Sunrise Training Center offers one hour Private Lessons either at Sunrise Kennels or In your home, for anyone who prefers to have individualized training.   Private lessons are customized to each specific dog(s). 


  • One on one  $75.00

  • Two or more dogs $100.00

  • In-home $100.00 within Colorado Springs city limits

  • In-home Lessons outside of city limits is 100.00 plus 1.00/mile

  • Buy 5 lessons get a 10% discount


Cost: $15 for 30 minutes  

Cost: $25 for 1 hour (Pick up to 3 add-on’s Daily: Puzzle Time, Learning Tricks, Agility or Dog Park)

Basic Obedience:
Cost: $30 or buy 5 days and get 1 FREE!! 

Additional Daily Add-on’s:

  • Nature Walk 15 minutes $5.00 or Buy 10 get 1 FREE!! Snack Time (chicken/Rice Combo or bring your own) $3.00 or Buy 10 get 2 FREE!! 

  • Storytime $10 or buy 10 get 3 FREE!!


Going on a vacation and need to board your dog?  Well, why not also get them trained while you are enjoying your time off?  

This is a 2 week long In Board Training program (IBT), this is when you board your dog for a 2 week period while our experienced trainers work with your dog on a daily basis (excluding Sundays and Holidays).  Our trainers will teach your dog all the basic obedience commands plus work on the owner's wish list, which is a list of 5 items the owners want to be addressed while the dog is being trained.  Our trainers will do their best to get the problem behaviors to surface and address them properly while working with your dog.  

Cost: $1800.00 which includes the 2 weeks of boarding and training and two follow up lessons with the owners, the first being on the day of pickup up and the second lesson can be in-home if you live within city limits. In addition, you will get 8 free intermediate/maintenance classes to be used within a year of the IBT, we will provide training for the life of the dog. If choosing this option a consultation with a trainer is recommended. 

Basic commands every IBT dog will learn: 

  • Loose leash Heeling 

  • Sit 

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Come 

  • Place  

In addition: E-collar training can also be done within this 2 week period so you can enjoy your dog off-leash worry-free.  Behavior issues can easily be addressed as soon as they arise once your dog is e-collar trained.   Additional costs to purchase the E-collar do apply.  

If you are interested in our IBT program please contact Sunrise Training Center at 719.598.8220 to talk to a trainer and set up a free consultation today.  



PUPPY CLASS - $300 (8 weeks)

Puppy Class is an 8 week class for Puppies no older than 6 months of age. 


Owners and their puppies will spend quality time doing the following:

  • Socializing with both puppies and other people

  • Exposure to a variety of different textures and items

  • Desensitizing and Confidence Building

  • Being introduced to all the basic obedience commands


Participants will also learn the early signs to watch for as well as how to stop behavioral issues like resource guarding, leash reactivity, chewing and digging, excessive whining, and barking before they become habits. Participants also receive tips on potty training as well as assistance with any puppy specific issues they may be experiencing. 

Our puppy classes all follow the AKC Puppy Star Criteria and each participant can qualify to receive an AKC certificate and Puppy Star packet.  

Obedience commands that are introduced in Puppy class:

  • Heel and With me

  • Sit 

  • Stay

  • Look or watch me

  • Down

  • Come

  • Place

  • Threshold 

  • Out or drop it

The cost of this class is $300.00.  For more information on our Puppy Classes or to register please call Sunrise Training Center at 719-598-8220 to speak with a trainer today.

BASIC OBEDIENCE - $300 (8 weeks)

Basic Obedience class is an 8 week class for all dogs 6 months of age and older.  The class focuses on teaching all the basic obedience commands as well as educating participants on a variety of common behavior issues. 

If you are NOT enjoying walks with your dog because they are constantly pulling on the leash… THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!!!!

Participants will learn the following obedience commands: 

  • Heel including how to handle dogs that pull or lag behind on walks

  • Sit including Automatic sits

  • Stay work on duration as well as distractions

  • Down 

  • Come including long line recall with a variety of distractions

  • Settle and Place

  • Threshold work to stop dogs from bolting outdoors

Behavior issues addressed in class:

  • Jumping                        

  • Digging                

  • Nuisance barking

  • Chewing

  • Off

  • Any other behavioral problems that participants are experiencing

The cost of this class is $300.00. For more information on our Puppy Classes or to register please call Sunrise Training Center at 719-598-8220 to speak with a trainer today.

INTERMEDIATE "Drop-In Class" -  $25 each

This class is offered weekly and reviews and builds upon all the basic commands, heel, sit, stay, down and come.


In addition, your dog will learn the following: 

  • Perfecting the Heel- various heeling exercises will be introduced to teach your dog how to move better with you as well as teach you how to be a better obedience handler for your dog. 

  • Stand/Stay or  Stand for exam- Vet visits become so much easier with this command. 

  • Sit from a distance

  • Down from a distance

  • Stay while the owner leaves the room for up to 3 minutes

  • Recall, recalling from food and overcoming issues owners may have with recall

  • Moch off-leash exercises 

  • The proper way to greet other people with dogs 

  • Continue to address any behavior problems that owners may be struggling with

Since every training facility has different criteria for their class structures, If basic obedience or other training was taken at another training facility then a consultation with our trainer must be arranged.  Consultations are 20 to 30 mins and cost $25.00. 

Interested participants must of either taken Sunrise Kennels Basic Obedience class, attended 5 or more private lessons with one of our trainers or participated in a 2 week In Board Training program.  

Interested individuals who have met the above criteria must call Sunrise Training Center at 719-598-8220 to inquire about when and where the class is held each week and must register via phone prior to the class so IF we should have to cancel the class we know whom to contact.  

  • Settle

  • Off

  • Leave it

  • Yes

  • No

  • Long line recall


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